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Beef tartare


Smoked meat is a method of preparing red meat (and fish) which originates in prehistory. Its purpose is to preserve these protein-rich foods, which would otherwise spoil quickly, for long periods. There are two mechanisms for this preservation: dehydration and the antibacterial properties of phenols and other chemicals in the absorbed smoke. In modern days, the enhanced flavor of smoked foods makes them a delicacy in many cultures.

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A celebration of beef, steak tartare allows the flavour of the meat to shine. Serve with golden brown toast for a delicious starter or a showstopping main.

Steak tartare is all about the quality of the meat. For the best experience and a complete peace of mind we choose the highest quality, ideally grass-fed beef fillet steak from your trusted butcher.

1 review for Beef tartare

  1. Cobus Bester

    Simple and effective design. One of my favorites.

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